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GeoTab Satellite tracking

GeoTab System

Accident Detection & Notification

If an accident is detected, an email or desktop alert can be set up which provides the manager with the first notice of loss. If a suspected accident is detected, detailed forensic data will be automatically uploaded from the device to allow for forensic reconstruction of the event. What’s more, the GO7 also has the unique ability to detect in-vehicle reverse collisions.

IOX Expansion:

Powerful Add-Ons to Future-Proof Your Fleet

The Geotab platform can be extended even further, at any time, to provide added flexibility and integration with third-party providers. Choose any Add-On that suits your need, such as satellite tracking, driver ID, hours of service (HOS), temperature tracking, camera systems, and more.

Geotab addresses the needs for greater fleet productivity, reducing windshield time and fuel waste, and improving driver safety. We achieve results through our patented recording method that optimizes detail without additional expense. Our integrated platform approach extends our value throughout a business operation and is why the solution is used by some of the largest fleets in North America as well as smallest.